A Road Map for the Customers

A new relationship starts somewhere, and now as you are reading this page you would like to know the next step to begin the MICTAS. But at any point you can Contact us or Request a Callback and we can discuss rest over the meeting. Initiate contact / Request a callback

If you have an idea and would like to know how to bring it live or if you have the scope ready and would like us to quote for the same, please feel free to contact us. You can spell out what you are looking for and someone from our organization will get back to you shortly with the solution, ballpark cost and timelines.

Web meeting

Once we have submitted you the quotation and contract / NDA, we would request a small amount of your time if possible, in which we can demonstrate our capabilities, expertise and the system that we use. This will allow you to

  • have a close look at our skills where we can demonstrate you some of our work that we have done, so you know our programming standards and design standards
  • we can show you our project management tools and client access system
  • demonstrate our coding standards

This allows you to ensure your confidence in us, and we can justify our skills by showing you our work which we have done for our clients, which gives you a very high level confidence in our capabilities

Personal Visit
This is a recommended step though not required all time, but it would be our great pleasure to welcome you to our premises so you can see the work and infrastructure in actual.

But If in any case you cannot make out that time, it would be our privilege if you permit us to visit you at our cost, this enables a personal meeting and we can show you the work that we do, which will help you justify our high quality work as compare to our competitors and you can be rest assured about the work that you are planning to get done.

So if you would like to schedule a personal meeting please feel free to contact us.